The Monoprint/Drypoint Process
  • Scribing the copperplate
    I begin by filing and burnishing the edges of a copperplate. I then create a matrix image on my copperplate, using a metal scribe.

    This is the drypoint technique.

  • Ink the plate with a single color ink
    I soak the printing paper for at least fifteen minutes, in a soaking tank. While the paper is soaking, I wipe the drypoint side of the plate with printing ink, usually an intense black, mixed three parts to one part “Easy-Wipe.”

  • First run through the press
    After the plate has been wiped, I run it through the press with the paper that’s been soaking.

    I’ve now created a black and white drypoint image.

  • Apply the paint
    I will then paint directly on this paper with acrylic paints, painting out and covering all black lines.

  • A Second Run Through the Press
    When the paint has dried thoroughly, I re-ink the copperplate and run it through the press again.